Friday, July 29, 2011

On Being, Friends, and Happiness

I'd just like to say that I've been blessed. Not many people get an opportunity to meet so many brilliant, thoughtful, kind, and wonderful people as I have, primarily through my association with Kirby's.

Though my part in the bar ended in 1993, it still is a touchstone for me and, I believe, one of the birthplaces of a flowering of artistic and intellectual fervor that burst forth and continues throughout the city. Every day I see people who were touched by Kirby's, and I marvel at its impact. Their continued success and engagement in, and earnest appreciation of life cheers me on, makes me see the beauty around us. I will never be able to repay that community for the many engaging hours of conversation, laughter, drunken revelry, poker, spades, amazing bands (thanks to Jake Euker), and bizarre activities that will someday fill a book.

Today, I will sign books at Kirby's. I will be terrifically happy if only a few purchase a book, but that is not necessary for my real happiness. Just getting to see the people who I've known these many years is wonderful.

I would like to thank everyone who posted their best wishes. You have made this a life worth living for me and others.

Thank You.

Thank you so much for being.

Richard Davies

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  1. Nice to know of places like Kirby's. Thanks for Sharing!